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O/S Deployment Thread, RIS/WDS Ugrade Help in Technical; Hi, All I was wondering if anyone could give me some expert advice. I am an ICT Support Technician in ...
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    RIS/WDS Ugrade Help

    Hi, All

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some expert advice.

    I am an ICT Support Technician in a Secondary School & we have bought 66 RM Ones with a AMD Chipset & Nvidia Lan. We have had problems trying to RIS these machines due to problems with the Nvidia Lan drivers. I tried numerous drivers but had no luck. Because of this we upgrade WDS & still had numerous problem & have not been able deploy an image.

    Personally I am sick of all this, we have had 60 computers down & it has been 2 weeks now.

    I was wondering if anyone can help. I am looking for a new RIS alternative.

    I am looking for a Enterprise standard system which will give high speed quick backup/recovery system remotely & is non reliant on lan drivers & is the best industry leading software.

    I do not want this to have compatibility issues with lan drivers like with RIS/WDS.

    I would appreciate your responses; I have to get back to my boss ith this on Tuesday.


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    What problems were you having with WDS? I had problems setting it up last summer, but got it working in the end - since then i've had various issues to overcome. Sounds like i'm being a bit smug, but hopeuflly it might mean that i've encountered similar problems to you and can help.
    My experience of WDS is, once the teething problems are solved, it works very well. I use it in conjunction with a sysprep script that names and adds the PC to the domain, which takes a lot of work out of it. I've used Ghost previously, but for various reasons found that to be quirky and often unreliable. Pkus Ghost isn't free to use like WDS..

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