We have just built an E6400 laptop and are ready to take an image to rollout.

Using Ghost 8, have sent the client software to the PC. Created the "create Image Task" This runs and the laptop starts to reboot, the PC-DOS screen appears and then reboots back into windows.

Error in Ghost is Virtual Partion - Failed to reboot to recovery partition.

When run again, F8 at the PC-DOS screen and get the following.

PRO0008E: Invalid decimal digit in PROTOCOL.INI file.

(have checked the ini file and no record of any IP listed - using DHCP)

Protocol Manager not present
Intel(R) Gigabit Network Connect Driver v5.26 041808
failure: Driver did not load, NDIS environment invalid.

Later on after MS-DOS Lan Manager v2.1 NETBIND you get the following error

Error: 7906 Unable to open PROTMAN$

Can anyone please help.