Got a bunch of "widescreen" A300s here on XP. I was sure that when I originally set one up and checked the laptop screen was set at 1280x800 but the (cloned) display on a 4:3 Smartboard was fine. (I could have been imagining this).

Anyway no matter what I do now it's either 1280x800 on the laptop, meaning the board display "pans" or I can set the display on both to 1024x768, which looks rubbish on the laptop. I've obviously set up profiles so that the teachers can easily switch but these are teachers - pressing a couple of buttons is way too much effort (in fact, remembering to press a couple of buttons is way too much effort).

Was I imagining the displays "just working", or is there some way to set different resolutions. I've upgraded the ATI drivers.

Also, I can't get them to PXE boot. Not a biggie ( I can ghost them locally) but has anyone got this model to PXE boot and if so, how?