Well having moved away from the ghost environment and started deploying and capturing images via WDS I'm very happy with this process. However I'm having an issue trying to sort out when I add images into the WDS via the Add Install Image option it duplicates the *.wim file in the images folder.

So in my folder I have one image captured and it looks like:

The -(2) file is the one being created when I add the image to the image group. While this is not affecting the actual restore process of the image it is producing 2 image names in the selection dialog screen during restore.

While this is ok for myself who deals with this on a day to day basis, the environment I work in is also a learning area and our new guys working here might get confused by this and I'd like to fix this cosmetically.

If anyone has any ideas as to why it is duplicating the *.wim files when the images are added to the Image group I would be very thankful as its baffling me at this stage.