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O/S Deployment Thread, NetRestore 3.4.4 not closing dmgs in Technical; Hello all, Hope you are having good day. I have ben trying for the last few weeks (not constantly) to ...
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    NetRestore 3.4.4 not closing dmgs

    Hello all,

    Hope you are having good day.

    I have ben trying for the last few weeks (not constantly) to get NetRestore v3.4.4 to create an image of my leopard 10.5.2 ready to deploy through NetBoot.

    I have so far managed to get to the point where it says closing disk image (or dmg) and it then stays like this for around an hour or two before i eventually get sick and tired of seeing the message and click abort. This then leaves the image useless. It won't mount and Disk Utility says the same.

    So how have others faired and if somewhat better what version are they using of netrestore?

    Hope i can sort this out quick as OfStead are in Monday and i could do with deploying the image soon.


    Has anyone got a leopard 10.5.2 client that they could test the newest netrestore to see if you have the same issue with it failing to close the dmg?

    I am clutching at straws a little now as i don't really want to manually rebuild each machine. I have 10 to do. May not sound like many but it is when you have two OSes and all the apps to install (some come from the server others don't). The apple side isn't so bad as i can just use ARD to deploy all the stuff and configs but the XP side is going to be the killer.
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