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O/S Deployment Thread, Windows updates on build image in Technical; Afternoon Folks, I'm building our images again, getting the made up for the summer. What I wanted to know is ...
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    Windows updates on build image

    Afternoon Folks,

    I'm building our images again, getting the made up for the summer. What I wanted to know is do you install the Windows updates inside of the build too, or would you keep the build image small and have these applied after the build? I would include the latest IE and Service Packs anyway.



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    In the image you capture especially if you are deploying win 7. A build and capture for in 7 takes about 7-8 hours if you have a wsus server.

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    I deploy from a reference image that has updates and a few key apps such as Office in it, then apply the most recent updates in the client computer deployment task sequence. Once a term or so I rerun the task sequence that creates the reference image, allowing updates to be added to that.

    It may be better to manually add the updates to the image offline, but I find my way very easy.

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