I am currently in the process of performing my second WDS deployment, but have run in to a strange problem: the WDS unattend file appears to be being ignored. When I PXE boot a client setup starts then I am prompted:

1. The setup language.

2. WDS Admin credentials

3. To select the image I want to install

4. Partition the drive.

All of these setting have already been specified in my unattend file. If I answer these questions and let the installation proceed everything works fine and Windows is installed. Any thoughts on why this may be occurring? To date I have already confirmed the following:

1. The admin credentials in the unattend file are correct.
2. The domain administrator has full access to the WDS deployment folder on the server.

A check of the setup.err log on the client reveals the following error: Failed to process the user selected language en-US [gle = 0x0000005]

I have used the sane unattend file with another customer with 100% success, but for whatever reason it does not seem to work with this one. This leads me to believe it may be something server-side (or the fact that the client hardware is a bit different), but I cannot think of anything else to check.

My WDS unattend file is available here: WDS Configuration - Pastebin.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated!