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O/S Deployment Thread, SCCM 2012 Client Push Issue in Technical; We are pushing SCCM2012 client to a lab on campus, there are 35machines in this lab, and some will install ...
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    SCCM 2012 Client Push Issue

    We are pushing SCCM2012 client to a lab on campus, there are 35machines in this lab, and some will install the client via push with no issues while others will return:

    ---> ERROR: Unable to start service "ccmsetup" on machine "TL04", error = 1068. SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 6/18/2014 12:10:02 PM 3844 (0x0F04)

    Googling, said to make sure BITS was enabled on the client machine. I checked and sure enough it was not enable on some of them returning the error. I made a GPO to automatically enable it and pushed it. Rebooted some of the clients, check and BITS is not enabled, but im getting the same error when i try ti push the client.

    Any idea?

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    I've only just started messing with SCCM2012, but I've found that using a GPO to enable the proper firewall exceptions on the clients (you can go port by port, protocol by protocol - there's a darn long list - but just opening up all traffic between your clients and the IPv4 and IPv6 address of your SCCM server is easiest...) as well as the installation of any necessary certificates (will vary in different environments) is the key to getting the client installed as well as ensuring all console related tasks actually effect your clients.

    Just as a sanity test, disable the Windows firewall on one of the troublesome boxes and try pushing the client again. If it works, then you'll be working in the right direction and can figure out the necessary firewall exceptions. Don't ignore certs either.

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