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O/S Deployment Thread, Multicasting and spanning tree issues in Technical; I'm having a problem building computers that are on anything other than the core switch (3Com Baseline 2928-SFP Plus) on ...
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    Multicasting and spanning tree issues

    I'm having a problem building computers that are on anything other than the core switch (3Com Baseline 2928-SFP Plus) on our RM CC4 network. If I try to build a machine that is on a different switch, most of the time an IP address isn't picked up and the build fails. I gather the cause is likely to be multicasting and spanning tree not getting on very well.

    We've got a star network with two cables going from the core switch to each of the four other switches (all are 3Com Baseline 2924-SFP Plus). I'm worried that if I turn off spanning tree to see if it's causing the problem, a loop will form.

    My questions are:

    Would the dual network cables be for redundancy or increased bandwidth?

    Is there a way to have the best of both worlds and have loop protection and allow multicasting to work?

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    You could put them on a different vlan if you use vlans

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    If your ports are set up as a trunk or link aggregation there will not be loop. If they aren't in a trunk and spanning tree is blocking one then obviously you will get a loop.

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    I take it you have set igmp snooping correctly?
    The switch cannot build an L2 forwarding table for multicast traffic unless you do!

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