Im trying to reset this back up. Im trying to sort out WSUS and i getting these errors.

Configuration Manager cannot update the already existing object "cn=SMS-MP-KHS-SCCM-2012.NSNET.NET" in Active Directory (
Site Component Manager failed to install this component, because it either can't find or configure WSUS.
WSUS Configuration Manager failed to configure upstream server settings on WSUS Server "".

WSUS Configuration Manager will not be able to configure WSUS Server "" as the WSUS Server remoting API's of version 3.0 SP2 or greater are not installed on this site server.
WSUS Synchronization failed.
Message: WSUS server not configured. Please refer to WCM.log for configuration error details..
This is on a Server 2012 R2 with SQL 2012. And this is SCCM 2012

Any ideas?