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O/S Deployment Thread, Cloning Windows 8 in Technical; I have 10 Windows 8 laptops to roll out to staff - they came with Win8 Home, and I have ...
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    Cloning Windows 8

    I have 10 Windows 8 laptops to roll out to staff - they came with Win8 Home, and I have successfully upgraded to Win8 Pro on one, to use as a master build. The idea was that I would then create a clone image with Clonezilla, and roll out to the other 9 devices so that they were identical.

    The big stumbling block is that they are UEFI machines, with no option to revert to a legacy BIOS to enable booting from a CD or DVD. The option to boot from a CD is there, but it must have a UEFI compliant O/S. According to the Clonezilla site, it is possible to load Clonezilla from an EFI file, at which point it seems to become doable, if I could work out how to point to the appropriate file in the EFI boot option.

    How do I do this?

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    there should be an option to turn this off then you have to reset the laptop and go back in to the BIOS and you can enable booting from CD, USB. We had the same when we got some new dell's with win8 on.

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    I have come accross this on some HP laptops. In the bios there is a setting (if i remember rightly it is the 2nd one in from the right side of the screen and in there it will allow you to remove the security key. then enable legacy boot becomes avaliable once these keys are removed. I am not at the site with these machines today otherwise i would give a more detailed response.

    You do have to go into the bios 2 or 3 times to make all the changes, you need to remove the security key save and reboot, then enable legacy then reboot then select boot order.

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    As @e4e said, I had the same problem with HP's. I don't use CloneZilla but I was struggling with the cloning of a machine last week, see this thread:

    Windows 8 cloning/ghosting

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