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    multicast features?


    so SCCM obviously supports multicast (and can much more than rolling out images with a simple Norton ghost(cast)) - great. So, if I have several computer rooms with different images I can give each room its own multicast address and upload images concurrently - which is now done once each semester.
    But what about the following: During a semester calls are coming in telling me that they need some special software X and Y in pool Z until tomorrow (. Sometimes that software has tons of gigabyte. So, there basically two possibilites: take the image of that pool, add that software and multicast the whole image from beginning (problem, some images have 80GB+ of software integrated). Second step, add that software via SCCM not step by step (==unicast) but with multicast. So, is this even possible?

    Some other question: In world of SCCM, is there a kind of additional auto speed negotiation between multicast sender and receiver (Yes, thatīs not TCP but UDP traffic I know...)? For now, I only know software where I can limit throughput on the the source.

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    You can pre load applications/packages as multicast only in winpe phase. Sounds like you need a build and capture task sequence for each room then add new software when needed. Push the software if not too big or re image. I think thats where your going. I'm assuming all your software can he has installed silently/scripted.

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