Hi folks,
Iím getting a problem with multicasting from my DPs and wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar or give me some points on what I could check.
Iíve got 3 DPs in different areas of campus being managed by SCCM 2007. These were put in place last summer and worked fine for the major rollout last year.
This year however, if I advertise and image out to PCs they get the advert and reboot, but will only try to contact DP3 (whether it is closest or not) and pull the wim from there.
If I pxe boot the machine, it will get the same boot image as the advert, but will only try to contact either DP1 or DP2 and never tries DP3!
Last year when it worked ok I could see the machines try to contact any of the 3 DPS and worked fine. Iíve had the network checked for multicast being enabled etc. but thatís all in place as it was last year. Iíve refreshed the boot image and checked all the DPs for health and errors, but come up empty. Iíve also removed multicast from all the DPs and content, then re-enabled it again but still the same.
Does anyone have any ideas of where to look next or what to try?