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O/S Deployment Thread, Installed SCCM 2012...now what! in Technical; OK so I've set up a server with SCCM 2012, all seemed to go OK. But now I've got no ...
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    Installed SCCM 2012...now what!

    OK so I've set up a server with SCCM 2012, all seemed to go OK. But now I've got no idea what to do next!

    Ideally I just want to import one computer in our office to test with and deploy the client to it, is that possible? I've been playing around a little bit but all I end up getting is wonderful and weird error messages!

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    If you haven't already, take a look at this guide:

    System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Guides - Configuration Manager 2012 - www.windows-noob.com

    I've done exactly the same as you and am currently messing about trying to deploy an image to a virtual machine in Virtualbox.

    As we'll go production with this soon anyway I've modified the schema (went without issue...phew!), created a test OU, got it to PXE boot and managed to build & capture a basic image.
    If you leave windows firewall on make sure the ports you need are open (i forget which but it's in the guide).

    I think the boundaries and boundary groups part is important to allow you to push the client package etc.

    Also just set your system & user discovery methods (administration>overview>hierarchy methods>discovery methods) to the OU you created and it'll only pick up the single PC and any test users you put in the OU.

    I'm no expert at SCCM 2012 but as you are in a similar position but maybe a step or two behind me I thought I'd post my progress!

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    Like midweek says...

    Setting up your boundaries and discovery methods is probably you're next port of call.
    After that I'd make sure you can get your client installing on some test machines and they are reporting back a-ok.

    After that it really depends on what your priorities are...

    Windows Updates?
    Deploying Applications?
    Operating System Deployment?

    What sort of error messages are you getting anyway?

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