Morning all

Since installing SP1 I have been having an issue with OSD when using an answer file.

I have set it up so that there are commands that run during first logon, this is an auto administrator logon, and once they are done the system is told to restart. After the install of SP1 I have noticed that after the machine has finished installing etc. that I find a logged on administrator user, my initial thought was that the answer file was causing an error somewhere during the last sequence but as far as I could see all the commands were being implemented and the smsts.log didn't show anything useful.

It turns out that they have reorganised the deployment sequence between RTM and SP1, previously SCCM would do all of it's stuff like install the client and deploy updates, and then finish off with the answer file command lines. Now it will go through those command lines while installing the client, so the first auto logon that I used to need is unnecessary and leaves a potentially vulnerable machine if installed unobserved.

I should note that I don't have any documentation besides my own monitoring of the install process to back this up.

Hope that helps someone in the future.