I am trying to build a custom page for MDT that will take in some settings from the user and then build the computer name based on those. I already have the DeployWiz_Computername.xml set where it prepopulates the computer name with the serial number of the machine. But I would like to make it a bit easier with an additional page that will build the name for the tech. Our naming standard is:

Desktops: Site Initials - Room Number - Last 4 Serial Number (ex. NFHS1258965)
Teacher Laptops: Site Initials - Full Serial Number (ex. NFMSCNU02501298)
Student Laptops: Site Initials - C - Cart Number - Last 4 Serial Number (ex. CHTTC68547)

Once they check what type of computer it is then fill in the required text field depending on that computer type it will then auto generate the computer name for the next screen (DeployWiz_ComputerName.xml)

Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated. I am just starting to dig in deep into WDS/MDT. Also as an FYI we are not using SCCM.

Here is a general look of the page I am trying for:
"Radio button" Desktop Room Number "Text Field"
"Radio button" Teacher Laptop
"Radio button" Student Laptop Cart Number "Text Field"