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O/S Deployment Thread, ISOStick - The Optical Drive in a USB Stick in Technical; The ISOStick is essentially a much smaller version of the Zalman ZM-VE200 & VE300 . Both enable you to boot ...
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    ISOStick - The Optical Drive in a USB Stick

    The ISOStick is essentially a much smaller version of the Zalman ZM-VE200 & VE300. Both enable you to boot from ISOs, but instead of using a hard drive, the ISOStick uses microSDHC/SDXC cards.

    If you want one however, you had better be quick before they sell out. There aren't many left.

    Website (Buy) / Blog / Wiki / Twitter / Forums

    The isostick shows up as two drives: an optical drive and a flash drive.

    It lets you "load" ISOs from the flash drive into the optical drive—sort of like mounting a disc image in *nix, or using DAEMON Tools in Windows—except computers think it's a real, physical optical drive, with no software required.

    Because it's all in hardware, you're able to boot from isostick directly.

    If you can boot from a USB CD-ROM, then you can boot from isostick.

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    Sold out. Looks good but only supporting FAT32 is a problem, sure it supports split ISOs but that means that you need to mess with your ISOs beforehand to actually get them on there as opposed to the VE which supports NTFS. I have had some issues with the VE unit though, if you add floppy disk images it will mount them but then appears to lock out the drive completely so you need to put the HD in a different caddy to change stuff.

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    Thanks for the post about my product!
    For what it's worth, the ISO Manager software (here) that I'm working on takes care of the splitting for you. It's Windows-only for now, but it'll be MacOS X / Linux / Windows soon.

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