My question is this when I am ready to create a capture I connect to the deployment share and run the litetocuh script and the wizard starts I select the Capture Task I made and then it gets to the place right before it reboots and fails with an error. The number of errors seems to increase with each time I try it. What do you think the problem could be?
And another thing is I noticed that there is a E drive that is full and has about 40 MB free and the contents of that drive seem to be part of the Deployment share, and I keep getting an error message about the drive being full, I donít think I have ever had this situation with other images I have made with the drive being full. And if that is the case why does that happen?

This is what I have done to try to fix the problem:
Under the capturer Task Sequence I disabled the mass storage driver and under the capture Image section I disabled Reboot. Then I manually ran sysprep and it ran the wizard this time with no errors that prevented me from finishing the wizard. Thou I did get a VB error but that did not keep from anything, so I finished the wizard and the PC did not reboot so I rebooted manually and it loaded windows not the deployment process. Now you said I needed to modify the sysprep.ini is this file in the deployment share and of so what do I need to change?MDT error.JPG