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NZ Ministry of Education Projects Thread, Fibre, no really, we mean it this time in New Zealand (NZ) Specific Forums; OMG, no really, two of my schools have filled in the first bit of paperwork to get a fibre drop ...
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    Talking Fibre, no really, we mean it this time

    OMG, no really, two of my schools have filled in the first bit of paperwork to get a fibre drop by half way through next year. I have even been to another school and SEEN a fibre drop that has been installed.

    When it arrives we have even heard talk of the mythical 100mbit internet link being avalible. TBH in this country that is like being told that each school can now launch their own space program given how expencive and difficult such things were before. It is being handled by Telecom but the government is paying for it (the only reason Telecom - a private company - does anything to infrastructure).

    We are still waiting to hear anything about SNUP which we signed up for a year or so ago but that is a different story. Yay, fibre.

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    Woo! Welcome to the 21st century!

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