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NZ General Chat Thread, Suggestions for the New Zealand area of EduGeek? in New Zealand (NZ) Specific Forums; Please post any forum suggestions here and we can see what we can do to accomodate your needs. Welcome to ...
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    Suggestions for the New Zealand area of EduGeek?

    Please post any forum suggestions here and we can see what we can do to accomodate your needs.

    Welcome to the NZ specific area of EduGeek.

    Post a thread with your area in the title and see who is near by

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    I am an ex uk Techy here on holiday for a year.

    2 of the schools i have helped with since being in NZ have support companys and use telecom schoolzone.

    they didn't have any wireless 1 school had brand new hp servers 2003 r2 and shadow copy active.Fibre all over but let down by old computers etc

    one thing i found was some had all ports open students could bypss filter etc no school i have seen had machines locked down that well (must say pupils are MUCH better behaved)

    but in general i found them a least 5 years behind my last school.They have only just started to invest and get the backbones sorted. one thing i was told was that the NZ goverment have a deal with microsoft so its free to install windows.A lot of schools have also gone down the mac only route especially in queenstown.

    also no school i have seen have smartboards or projectors (but have started looking at them)

    gives you an idea of what high schools are like here!!

    and no im no longer helping help didnt want to come over here and do the same work.

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    NZ goverment have a deal with microsoft so its free to install windows

    I remember there was a day that MS offered similar in the U.K but the government said it would be anticompetative even though at the time there was NO viable alternative to compete with. MS said fine pay for it and shools have suffered and tried to find the money ever since and there is still no 'real' alternative on the school desktop especially which the exam board requirements and the costs associated with retraining staff.

    BECTA really should say we don't recomend a product but then slant the courses towards Open Office, if anyone complains say its free get over it. At least then MS might bring down the price of Office.

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    Could we get an "ICT Training and Events" forum as many of my posts are likely to fall under that catagory now.


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