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    Angry NovoPay -> NoPay - the definition of stupidity

    I have been reasonably quiet about this but I thought I should post it for informative purposes.

    The NZ MoE has in their limitless stupidity decided to take all the schools pay rolls stuff off the NZ company that was managing it fine and invested millions and years in some dirty cloud application built by a dodgey Australian company that even the Australian's won't use. I imagine that several of the MoE people ended up with new golf clubs or cars to make that happen.

    At any rate after four to five years of development and a trial run where they admitted to not listening to any of the feedback they launched it. After several months of it actually running their 'software' is still managing to pay people in lots of minutes instead of hours, ie. 7 minutes a day or days instead of hours. This epic mess up is spectacular from a software point of view in that they must have actually written people's jobs into the software in order to stuff up this badly. There are situations where reliving teachers are being paied $10k for a days work and cleaners are being paid $3.50 for a week. That is if they pay them at all, each week there can be 20% or more of the staff of each and every school that is paid wrongly or not at all. Couple this with hour wait times to call their support desk to get things sorted and their habit of storing things like sick leave in two separate places. Problem reports that get sent from CMS to CMS to the point that you get up to five different case numbers which is the only information they provide as to what it is in relation to.

    They also continuously loose or simply don't read email and will reply to an email (with the documents still attached) requesting those same documents. Finding a single fault with those documents, printing them out and posting them back six weeks later with a post-it note on it requesting a slightly different number.

    It is stunningly epicly bad and out idiot government is stuck in a ten year contract with these dropkicks.

    They have been largely panned in the NZ media but I think they actually need to be shamed in the international media to actually do something, this farce has been on going for more than three months.

    The system at fault is http://www.novopay.govt.nz/default.aspx

    The idiots who made it are Talent2 Global

    Here are some of the stories about it's fail:
    No-pay Novopay has to front up » The Gisborne Herald | Gisborne's latest News, Sport, Family Notices, Photos and Events
    Novopay: No compensation, more errors - National - NZ Herald News
    Talent2 blames Novopay Teacher Pay Problems On Teething... | Stuff.co.nz
    Novopay | The National Business Review

    Anyone not in NZ count yourselves lucky that your pay is not tied up in this system and that you don't have to try and sweep up the pieces after the weekly cataclysm.
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