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About Wiki New Zealand:

Wiki New Zealand was born on a picnic blanket, the product of a simple realisation: informed decisions are good decisions. To get the best outcomes for our communities, our country and our world, it is important to make decisions that advance ourselves. And while good is subjective, informed is not. To make informed decisions requires clear, digestible and unbiased information. This is Wiki New Zealand.

There is a vast amount of data freely available on New Zealand and its position within the global context. However, to extract this data into a useable form requires time and skill. This reality means much of the accessible data we currently view is produced alongside an argument to persuade us of a particular opinion – to convince us of what is ‘good’. This is not Wiki New Zealand.

Building knowledge enables informed decisions, which leads to better outcomes. Data alone does not build knowledge, but it is a crucial component. Wiki New Zealand brings data together in one place and in accessible formats. Topics are presented from multiple angles, wider contexts and over time. Presenting this data in similar forms invites users to compare, contrast and interpret it easily and without bias...