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*nix Thread, Recommended Video Editing Software in Technical; One thing that often trips me up on Linux is video editing. It's easy on Windows with Vegas Pro and ...
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    Recommended Video Editing Software

    One thing that often trips me up on Linux is video editing. It's easy on Windows with Vegas Pro and FRAPS but I'm wondering what the Linux alternative is? Last time I touched the default video editing programs in Ubuntu it was a nasty experience to put it bluntly!

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    Hi Cam!

    If you're a Vegas user you should feel right at home with KDEnlive, which often gets Vegas comparisons. A lot of people like Openshot but I prefer KDEnlive which seems more mature.

    The other good options are using the blender VLE or waiting for Lightworks but LW will be overkill for many (schools).

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    I love using Memplai.com. Not only is it free and easy to use but it has a collaborative feature that allows you to invite others to your video project. Perfect for schools whether its an individual project or participating with other classrooms or even schools no matter where they are located.

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    Openshot has had a few recent updates, so I'd look at that first.

    Lightworks, the professional editor, is coming to Linux.
    Oscar-Winning Video Editor ‘Lightworks’ Landing on Linux in October | OMG! Ubuntu!

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