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*nix Thread, set a puplic IP for moodle using linux server ?? in Technical; good day kindly , help me to set a public ip for moodle using linux server ?? i already change ...
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    Question set a puplic IP for moodle using linux server ??

    good day
    kindly , help me to set a public ip for moodle using linux server ?? i already change the IP in config.php file AND Still can not access moodle by internet ???

    thank you

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    Moving to *nix Forum.

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    Have you put the moodle server in your DMZ? You might need to setup a port forwarding rule on your firewall too in which case you just want to forward port 80. In our setup we have our external router which is plumbed into the firewall and in turn that is our gateway so assuming you have a similar set up you need to do the following:

    Reset the moodle server IP to your external convention, let's say we call it, it doesnt need an external address as such but let's pretend that you want to be your "External" IP (IE if I type that in to my browser I'd get your moodle, naturally you want to DNS it to be moodle.school.com or whatever but the important bit is that IP, you need to sort out external DNS with your ISP)
    You then need to setup a port forwarding rule on your firewall. Port 80 is HTTP so you want that and if you use SSL you need 443 too so your rule would be similar to:
    Forward anything on the incoming IP of which is on port 80 or 443 to the internal address

    Different interfaces represent it in different ways, check the manual for your firewall (HAH! Manuals! Google it ). All you need to do is take traffic coming in on the EXTERNAL IP on port 80 (and 443 if you use SSL) and redirect it to the moodle server's IP.

    There are security issues obviously so make sure your LAMP server is up to date and you keep moodle updated and use secure passwords yadayadayada

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    (and tell Apache to listen on either all addresses on Port80, or the specific IP address your Linux server is using. Do this in httpd.conf)

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