Karoshi 5.1.3 has now been released, features and changes are below.


For those who don't know the current up-to-date features are:

Authentication/PDC Server, File Servers, Proxy Server, Web Server, Print Server, Backup Server, Media Studies Specialist Server, Server Monitoring Server

Server/Network Management, Shared Student and Staff Areas, Bulk User Creation, Wake on LAN, Windows/Linux Profile Management, Remote Server Management, Kixtart Logins, Software Deployment for Windows Clients, Programs Area, Room Booking, Help Centre/Asset Register, Multimedia Storage and Access, Website software, eGroupWare, VLE/Online Classroom, WebMail, Home Access, Room Internet Banning, Website Cache, Internet Blocking, Internet Logging, Operating System Deployment/Ghosting, Online Library

and probably a few more that I have forgotten!
The changes are:

Remastered on the latest version of PCLinuxOS (2007)

Cronjobs now stored in /opt/karoshi/cronjobs/jobs with file extension .cron . Script provided to merge all files.cron in jobs folder to /opt/karoshi/cronjobs/masterschedule.cron. An icon to karoshi cron controls has been added into the karoshi system management area.

Copyfilestoall added. This allows you to copy files to a group of users. Please use with care.

Tidystudentfiles added. This is a provision that allows you to delete named files from all student accounts. This can be scheduled to run every day.

Clamwin support provided for windows clients with data files updated on PDC via a daily cronjob.

SSlbridge web file access added to allow users to get access to their files via a web browser through an ssl connection.

Joomla upgraded to 1.0.12

Websitebaker updated to 2.6.5

Egroupware upgraded to 1.2.106-2

Squirrelmail upgraded to 1.4.9a

Moodle upgraded to 1.7.2

Main control panels changed to use ruby so that all features can be seen at a glance.

Desktop independance gained by changing from konsole to xterm and adding a distro variable for the filemanager.

Network Configure scripts changed to check to see if default DNS server is up. If not the DNS defaults to either the server's own IP or the PDC's ip.

karoshi user - home path changed to /opt/karoshi/karoshi_user

By default all new users created apart from officestaff and itadmin do not belong to any supplementary groups. This mainly affects the temparea.

Network backups in the new version has changes so that:

Backups are kept in current, father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather folders to simplify rotation.

The script backs up a server in one go without having to schedule loads of different scripts like before. This should give higher capacity since all of the archives are being created back to back.

No need to change backup script at the start of a new academic year as the script does it automatically. The start of the academic year and the total duration of schooling in years is set at initial setup.

It automatically detects if it is a user area that is being backed up and if so creates individual compressed backup archives for each user in that group.

Two log files are kept, one contains times of all backups including individual times for each user archive created and if it was a full or incremental backup. The other file is an error file for any tar or network errors that might occur. The log files are automatically rotated if they get too big.

Quota support added. This can be applied to either individual users or groups of users. Quotas are assigned on a per server basis.

Linux Client startup scripts modified. Printer setup, software install, system config is now in a separate file rather than one big file. These scripts are updated from the PDC at client startup.

LTSP servers DNS setting changed to default to instead of If DNS is not available on to LTSP servers then LTSP clients do not function correctly (clients get a grey box when they boot up).

Hal - Setup internet fixed so that console box does not appear unless squid is already running, and it also closes correcty without manual intervention.

Trailing newline fixed in httpd.conf. This caused apache to stop running if remote management was setup.

Karoshi extraction from cd improved to stop problems when overwriting an extisting setup. This would fail if a folder on the older version had become a file of the same name in the newer version.

Bulk user creation - now offers two formats for usernames
the karoshi default first-initial surname yearofentry and surname first-initial yearofentry

Xen edit DHCP changed to edit /opt/karoshi/serversetup/distro/$DISTROCHOICE/xen/configfiles/dhcpd.conf. This ensures that any extras added via the ltsp controls are not lost.