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*nix Thread, Which distro? in Technical; I think I've found my new favourite distro - SolydXK | Home of SolydX and SolydK There's a KDE version ...
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    I think I've found my new favourite distro - SolydXK | Home of SolydX and SolydK

    There's a KDE version (SolydK) and XFCE version (SolydX). If not a fan of KDE (too busy and feature-rich for my needs) and XFCE has always seemed a bit old fashioned - until I saw the Whisker menu. The Whisker menu is excellent. It's very much like the Cinnamon menu from Mint. SolydXK's founder is the same guy who maintained Mint's LMDE spinoff.

    The home edition of SolydX/K is based on Debian testiing, but with an additional testing stage. Show-stopping bugs are held back (you can see this with apt). This means it's a good mix of new software but with very few bugs and glitches. It also means it's a rolling release. I've been using SolydX for three weeks and haven't found a single bug. It's very lightweight and is fast on my old i3 laptop. All device drivers (including the notorious Broadcom wireless) load and are configured automatically. Nice.

    The only change I made was replacing Thunderbird with Evolution as Evolution's integration with Gmail and Google calendar is better.

    If I was to recommend a distro for someone coming from Windows, this would be it.

    The business version (KDE only) is based on Debian stable.

    Spatry does a Youtube review.
    SolydX - http://youtu.be/cECLjwPdkTE?t=10m30s
    SolydK - http://youtu.be/cECLjwPdkTE
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    I am still on ubuntu here, ive ping ponged between Fedora and Ubuntu primarily, though overall I have stuck with ubuntu most, better gfx card support I found and less issues, though I have tried Arch, OpenSUSE, Freebsd and most variants of ubuntu (xubuntu and so on)

    In work we have 2 servers now, one ubuntu for media capture purposes and another I am building up for monitoring our network using zabbix

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