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*nix Thread, Gentoo issues in Technical; Hi I have been playing around with gentoo on a couple of machines. I get through the install ok but ...
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    Gentoo issues

    I have been playing around with gentoo on a couple of machines. I get through the install ok but everytime i've got to the magical 'reboot' point everything falls over. Currently i'm trying to get my laptop to dual boot with Xp. I've installed grub and added the grub.conf file but when i reboot it tells me 'Hard disk boot sector invalid'
    Well i've never had much luck with grub so i rebooted using the live cd, chroot back into the fresh install and tried lilo instead, only to recieve the same message.
    Is there somthing special i have to do with a laptop install that i've missed?

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    Re: Gentoo issues

    1. Turn off the boot sector virus protection in the bios.
    2. Reinstall Grub. Boot your LiveCD. Chroot to your install and then run the following command (assuming /dev/hda is your hard drive, ajust accordingly if it isn't).

    grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/hda

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