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*nix Thread, Desktop Virtualisation via KVM test project in Technical; In retrospect i should have posted this in the VM forum. Apologies. Hi Gang, This is pie in the sky ...
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    Desktop Virtualisation via KVM test project

    In retrospect i should have posted this in the VM forum. Apologies.

    Hi Gang,

    This is pie in the sky project im setting for myself to complete. What i would like is some input and direction overall to acertain the validity, feasibility etc of this project, as follows:

    Inspiration for the project
    The bane of my existance in this network is differing hardware models and large number of clients. I would like to create a single "universal" virtual image i can deploy easily to clients when required. Im hoping to leverage the vanilla-bility of generic VM drivers and somewhat superior driver base of linux to overcome this.

    To update a single image/vm (per OS) and deploy to clients
    To allow multiple OS'es to be used at a student desktop (boot inbetween Windows XP and linux dsitro)
    To run with minimal additional cost as possible (vmware view/xendesktop too expensive/feature rich for a test project)
    To run on 32bit systems (with Intel VT)

    My thoughts so far ...
    Install (manually) a linux OS on each computer which i would then modify to automatically load KVM and hopefully leave at a menu structure to select VM of choice. I have no idea how to do this atm but im sure its possible. Also ive never used KVM before -- im assuming this is possible at all just by reading features sets off the net.

    What i need to work on
    How can i modify the linux base OS to automatically load kvm and load a "menu structure"
    How can i deploy the linux base OS with modifications to a lab without manually installing it
    Testing our software suites in the VM's of varying specced hardware (CAD, 3d modelling for example)

    Your input ...
    Always appreciated.

    I put this here for both feedback from the crowd and also for my own hitlist of things to accomplish. If there is no feedback thats also fine.

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