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*nix Thread, Linux over Windows? in Technical; I was wondering how many network admins/tecs use linux on their main admin box rather than windows? What version / ...
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    Linux over Windows?

    I was wondering how many network admins/tecs use linux on their main admin box rather than windows?

    What version / flavour is used?

    I'm looking to re-install my W7 machine with ubuntu as the main os and was wondering what problems I may face when trying to access active directory and user files that are based on an entirely server 2008 based system.

    I am probably going to have to have at least an XP virtual machine so as to run some of the software if it won't work under wine.

    some of the software I use:
    VMware vSpere Client
    Res Powerfuse (automation and management consoles)
    VNC Viewer
    RoyalTS (to the main servers)
    Terminal Services

    I would like to do it mainly as i like the way linux operates (all my home systems are linux except for my gaming rig) and to reduce the chances of infection so that at least one admin machine is 'clean' in case of a virus outbreak.

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    I have two machines under my desk - windows machine and a ubuntu machine then use Synergy to use a single keyboard and mouse for them both. I have dual screen on both and tend to use my ubuntu box for the major of the work the windows box for ad/sims windows programs and then the ubuntu machine for managing the servers.

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    you won;t need wine for royalTS or vnc viewer as you can use the vinagre system built into ubuntu/ gnome.

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    Both I and a colleague run Ubuntu 10.10.
    I have virtualbox which also has XP, 2003 server, SuSE, Centos running for testing.
    Everything else is run through RDP client, CIFS, Italc, citrix client on ubuntu

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