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*nix Thread, New Linux Server Ubuntu Install in Technical; Hi Gurus out there need some advice on the following, I have just setup a server with Ubuntu server the ...
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    Exclamation New Linux Server Ubuntu Install

    Hi Gurus out there need some advice on the following,

    I have just setup a server with Ubuntu server the hardware is a poweredge 2950 with 2 broadcom net extreme ii cards.

    This server is going to be or VLP/VLE with Moodle 2 I have all that setup and running and i have the 2 nics get ip from dhcp
    10.**.**.54 Primary Nic
    10.**.**.55 2nd Nic

    We had the LA create a public ip address and a exteral dns entry into the firewall vle.*****.*****.sch.uk on port 80 to point to internal 10.**.**.54 port 80

    We first set up a windows server with the same hardware except it had a teamed net config of 10.**.**.54 and we could access the website from outside of the school.
    But we decide to change to linux as there are more options open to us with running Linux
    Since i changed i cannot access the website from outside of the internal lan.
    we can access the vle.*****.*****.sch.uk from with in the school as the is a internal dns entry on primary dns

    Is there anything i need to change on ubuntu server in the firewall rules, net config etc??

    Also we want to team up the 2 nic to load bal on 10.**.**.54 so easy on windows but cannot find an easy way to do on ubuntu. I do had webmin installed and working.

    Any help advice etc Please
    Big Thanks in advance


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    For ubuntu you will need to setup a network card bond see this link

    You can then give this bond the one public Ip address

    EDIT: Not the public IP you internal IP - I assume for Firewall has the public ip!

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