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*nix Thread, Open source digital signage application needed in Technical; Also Xibo all the way both windows and linux and such a dream to setup and run....
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    Also Xibo all the way both windows and linux and such a dream to setup and run.

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    We have used Xibo for last 6 or so months. I do all the updates but what I wanted was for non IT literate colleagues to be able to put the info on the display. I find Xibo is not very user friendly for the "non-IT crowd". I then heard of Concerto running on Linux and although not as powerful (yet) as Xibo ie no video but it is very user friendly for colleagues to input data. You can have any one submit info and then have moderators for each screen who then accept or decline submissions. This is exactly what we wanted. I know nothing about Linux but it didnt take me long to figure it out and have my first screen running. Apparantly Concerto 2.0 is coming soon which will include Video.

    Not sure if its what you are looking for but worth a look at.

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    That's an interesting read Fiza, this was useful to me so thanks for the info.

    I've been testing out Xibo for a bit and quite liked the system which is certainly powerful and very flexible, but it does get complex once you start getting into user account permissions and schedules, particularly with more than a few screens. It also seems a little 'laggy' from time to time, although I've not really played with it that much to try and resolve it.
    I'll have to give Concerto a go to see what that can do - user friendliness is always a time saver! Shame about the lack of video support, but I don't even know what our staff want to display yet.

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