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*nix Thread, Censornet setup problems in Technical; Hi folks, Just got a few questions about a new installation of censornet. So far i have: - installed censornet ...
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    Censornet setup problems

    Hi folks,

    Just got a few questions about a new installation of censornet.

    So far i have:

    - installed censornet on box with 2 network cards
    Configured the box to work and authenticate with the windows 2003 domain controller.

    - I've set the private ip as and the public address This is what i'm not sure of. The private IP address works fine and i can view the web admin tool on 192.168.0. Should the public IP address be on the same range?

    I am trying to connect the censornet box upto the router ( on the public IP address.

    I have imported all of the users and added the workstations by the MAC address into censornet and it seems to be work properly as it pulled all of the accounts out of the active directory.

    After connecting the box to the network by the private network and plugged in the router directly to public network card i tried to test out the internet access.

    To test the internet access i change the proxy address to the private gateway in the connection settings in IE. When i tried to load any web page i was getting the censornet authentication box popping up and when i entered the network user name and password i could not get it to accept the password. Eventually i get an error message in the browser saying could not authenticate. I am not sure if the box is authenticating correctly against the domain controller as i was expecting the authentication box not to pop up. I am also unable to ping any addresses as I dont think it is setup properly.

    I am also not sure if i have got the network setup correctly as I am trying to setup the private network card ( and public card ( with addresses in the same range. Is this right as it doesnt seem to work!

    I was planning on leaving the gateway address as it is (pointing to the router and using group policy to point IE at the censornet box as a proxy. Is this the right way of doing this or should i just change the gateway address to point to the censornet box.

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Censornet setup problems

    You need to use completely different ranges for it to work properly eg
    Public Private or even .
    You might also want to look at setting it up in bridge mode.
    You will get the authentication every time you open your browser. Censornet 3 does not support transparent NTLM authentication until version 4 which is currently in beta.

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