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*nix Thread, Packet Filters, port redirection and OpenBSD in Technical; Hi, I am having real bother with the syntax of OpenBSD pf packet filter software. I have setup some access ...
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    Packet Filters, port redirection and OpenBSD

    Hi, I am having real bother with the syntax of OpenBSD pf packet filter software.

    I have setup some access points for our 6th form students to use with their personal laptops which are clearly untrusted on the domain with this in mind I send all traffic through OpenBSD using a pf and a network bridge.

    I want to only allow access to port 80 for web browsing. I have the rules to allow this working fine. The onyl problem with this so far is that each student needs to configure the proxies by hand each time they connect to the wireless.

    I understand that using the redirection options within pf I can automatically forward their requests to another host, although in this instance I want to redirect the packets to squid running on the same machine but on a different interface ( the squid instance on this machine is a sibling to our main proxy for the whole school.)

    I am making all the correct changes as far as I can see but I am consistanty bugged with a syntax error.... does anyone have any idea what I am getting wrong the offending line is below.

    pass in on $extIF proto tcp from any to any port 80 rdr-to

    any help greatfully received !

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    Your missing the port at the end.

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