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*nix Thread, Link to a good appliance? in Technical; All, I am after a LAMP appliance for VMWare that has an ftp server installed as well. Yes I am ...
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    Link to a good appliance?

    I am after a LAMP appliance for VMWare that has an ftp server installed as well.
    Yes I am being lazy!
    what I want to do is to quickly role out a web server perhaps even running off a pen but def from a VM, with static ip for a web page design course. In a way a small 'hosting setup. Not for use in anger but for training. so each student can create there own website and use ftp to upload it. then see the results. With php mysql and perl avainlable for them. eg they can go to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/student1 and see there site in full. They will be using things like wordpress and joomla etc.
    Tall order I know but I would og thought someone would of done this by now?
    Pretty please! lol
    If not then any one any reccomendations for the base os? I want it as simple as can be to set up as It may not be me setting it up and the person will need to follow instructions as they will never of used anything other then windows before.
    It will be running on a desktop (newish spec) so as light as pos whilst still having the bits.

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    Never trust a pre-built (read: pre-compromised) image. Although to answer your question, I don't know of one as specific as you require.

    Ubuntu and some middle-ware: Plesk, Webmin, or similar.

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