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*nix Thread, Full Install Linux Client\Server? in Technical; Hi, Okay I'm pretty much happy with my Microsoft setup. Active Directory is great (2008). Client PC's run Windows 7. ...
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    Full Install Linux Client\Server?


    Okay I'm pretty much happy with my Microsoft setup. Active Directory is great (2008). Client PC's run Windows 7. I have one network with SIMS in the classroom for registration. Live@edu microsoft implemented as my email client. Remote access via windows remote desktop services. Uniservity learning platform. Approx 150+ computers in each primary school I support.

    So why the change? I have been with the Microsoft way for a number of years, okay almost 20 years and well fancy a change. I have been keeping a eye on Ubuntu Linux for a number of years and am slowly being drawn into the 'promises' it makes.

    So assuming Linux can change the world and give us all our apps for nothing has anyone been successful in their deployment of a Linux based system? What about SIMS? OpenLdap? Email? Remote access? Terminal services? Is anyone using Scholarpak (replacement for SIMS)?

    Any comments/issues/success/failure much appreciated!!


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    I work in a much larger secondary environment then you with some 900 computers - I don't have a full Linux system but most of our backend is. Although we still have windows domain controllers, Sims server and windows clients. But there is a school near us which has a samba domain with windows clients and Sims server.

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    I use a ubuntu system, it runs all our windows applications seamlessly from our servers using Citrix XenApp.
    We also use Redhat as file servers for student home directories and as webservers hosting drupal,mrbs and moodle. We use moodle single sign on for our Google apps which is an email/calendar/helpdesk/document system - runs fine from linux clients.

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