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*nix Thread, adding another address range to squid in Technical; I thought this would be easy but it's not working for some reason and i'm not sure why. working absolute ...
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    adding another address range to squid

    I thought this would be easy but it's not working for some reason and i'm not sure why. working absolute bare-minimum squid

    acl localnet src 192.168.x.x/255.255.x.x

    never_direct allow localnet
    http_access allow localnet

    if I add
    acl standalonenet src
    never_direct allow localnet standalonenet
    http_access allow localnet standalonenet

    restarts no problem

    now new & previous working 192.168 network is access denied


    I've narrowed it down. everything gets denied the second i put standalonenet on http_access allow

    seems odd.

    here's the situation:

    squid proxy with 2 nics, 1 internal 1 external
    I need an isolated subnet internally with internet access.

    Plan was : Give the internal network card an eth0:1 address, allow it through squid.

    apparently it's not as simple as I imagined


    ok it doesn't break if I use http_access allow all

    I can't see a problem using that....

    172 workstation times out on webpage requests... wondering if that's because there's no dns on the 172 network....


    remembered never_direct in squid config

    now it all works with never_direct allow all

    hopefully allow all isn't making it hopelessly insecure in ways I can't foresee.
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