Link: Linux Workshop - The Keyboard is Mightier Than the Mouse (School of Computer Science - The University of Manchester)

Linux command line taster workshop for 6th form computing students.

Delegates will undertake a number of tasks including:

Sending an email to all other delegates, without using an email client or web browser, nor having to type their addresses.

Developing a shell pipeline designed to count the *different* words in an essay, and storing this in a script for future use.

Obtaining information from the web without using a web browser.

Producing documents via the LaTeX document system, including ones generated by a script.

Building a web site of photos, including the task of renaming a huge number of image files systematically without needing to deal with them one at time.

Delegates will work in one of our Linux Computer laboratories, following a script and will be assisted as required by postgraduate demonstrators. Teachers, especially computing teachers, are more than welcome to take part.