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*nix Thread, Linux File Server in Windows Domain... in Technical; Okay chaps - would really appreciate some advice here. I've never used a Linux system in anger... have played plenty ...
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    Linux File Server in Windows Domain...

    Okay chaps - would really appreciate some advice here.
    I've never used a Linux system in anger... have played plenty with desktops and OS apps but not really servers.
    I have an HP ML110 P4 3Ghz 1 Gb RAM 3x500Gb SATA HDD ready to go.
    Even 3 months ago I would have thrown Windows 2003 R2 on it, configured quotas and volume shadow copies and that would have been that.
    However, after trying Vista for 2 months on my desktop I am very disillusioned with MS and am very very tempted to go with Ubuntu Server and Samba for the file server...
    I understand that quotas and volume shadowing are possible but my question is... could anyone share their experiences with me and give me any pointers please? I have looked at the usual sources and guides eg howtoforge etc.
    I am expecting a steep learning curve but would love to hear your thoughts on what I should go for....
    Will it integrate and play nicely with AD? Will I be able to offer quotas and volume shadowing to users? Does it work?

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    Re: Linux File Server in Windows Domain...

    yes it does work only use it as a supplementary fileserver here.
    All the resources you'll need are:

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    Re: Linux File Server in Windows Domain...

    Yep, agree with Cybernerd here. It'll work fine. If you get stuck at specific points feel free to ask further questions.

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