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*nix Thread, Ubuntu 10.10 available for download in Technical; Originally Posted by kmount I run two screens on an ATI HD4870 (1920x1080 & 1280x1024) with no problem, what's up? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmount View Post
    I run two screens on an ATI HD4870 (1920x1080 & 1280x1024) with no problem, what's up?
    Full screen programs like XBMC. It doesn't recognize that there are two monitors and instead plonks itself between the two, half on one screen, half on the other.

    It works if I have 2 separate desktops and start it on the desktop I want it on (my TV), but that also means no dragging windows between the two.

    I think I'm going to have to write a script to make it a full screen window on the second desktop automatically at start up. That might work better anyway as XBMC steals the input on full screen so you can't use anything else anyway

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    Can you get a Virtual PC prog for Ubuntu? What about RDP Viewer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrenmcginnis View Post
    Can you get a Virtual PC prog for Ubuntu? What about RDP Viewer?
    Yes im using VirtualBox OSE and Terminal Server Client

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    Nice review here

    Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed ? The Register

    Overall Ubuntu 10.10 is a worthy, if somewhat boring, update that polishes and refines some of the big changes that arrived with 10.04 earlier this year. The interface has been improved with some welcome attention to the small things, but if you're looking for major new features this release may well disappoint you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabbieBurns View Post
    How big is the inplace upgrade? On a 12gb capped adsl here for the next few weeks
    Upgrade download is about 1.02Gb

    Kubuntu here. I use virtualbox, KRDC which handles RDP and VNC

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