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*nix Thread, Clonezilla Newbie Questions in Technical; Hi, I am going to use Clonezilla to get images of a few machines. I have downloaded and burnt the ...
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    Clonezilla Newbie Questions

    I am going to use Clonezilla to get images of a few machines.
    I have downloaded and burnt the ISO disk of Clonezilla live. I have a windows server 2003 machine.
    In order to save to a samba server do I have to have a linux machine setup ?
    Can I save the disk image straight from a machine onto an external hard disk ?

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    You can definitely save to an external hard disk; there are certain limitations on where/naming. Never tried network imaging with Clonezilla, I'm afraid.

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    you can save images to a share on a windows box just fine. samba is just what *nix machines use to read/write/create windows shares.

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    I've used it for a couple of years, used it to image a dozen machines today.

    Couldn't be bothered with the samba server so was using a plug in hard drive but now have a 32GB USB and a little 256 USB with clonezilla bootable on it. The images i use are only about 6Gb and it takes 5 minutes to ghost a machine.

    I did intend to make the 32gb bootable with the script enabled so it would automatically ghost it but haven't had the time.

    When I have finished with the USB I upload it to a hard drive and save it for later.

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    It's really easy actually

    No you do not need a Linux machine setup for this, you do not even need the Clonezilla server setup. Conezilla provides a related articles section on how to accomplish this: Clonezilla – Free Advanced Hard Drive Cloning Software

    Everything you need to know should be in there, just input your own information in the required fields. I would very highly recommend that you do this over a gigabit connection if at all possible as some images can be quite large and take some time to transfer. The cloning rate is only as fast as the data connection.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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