Hey all,

Thankfully we've gotten a spam assassin box set up and working great. Now I just want to tweak it a bit. I want to add a link to the bottom of emails that would give users the ability to mark a message as spam for training with SA. I have the cgi script part of it working, but am running into issues inserting the links into my incoming email.

I've found references to Altermime, but can't find any good documentation on how it works. Examples from the web all show Altermime being used to append disclaimers to outgoing mail; however, I actually need the reverse.

I've seen where amavisd-new has Altermime options in it, but can't find any documentation on how that works, either.

So....anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks so much!

I believe I am running the newest packages of Postfix and amavis, but can't find the command line to show me the versions. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.