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*nix Thread, DRBL multicast clonezilla server in Technical; I would just like to share my findings. Since I will be imaging 50 machines this summer I wanted to ...
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    DRBL multicast clonezilla server

    I would just like to share my findings. Since I will be imaging 50 machines this summer I wanted to do something faster than plugging hard drives into my "clone machine" that has 8 sata leads hanging from it.

    So I have set up a DRBL clonezilla server and tested it. It worked. *first time* which was major shock to the system. Anyway, here is the walkthrough that I used. A vanilla debian machine (recycled optiplex 270 p4 80gb 1g ram).

    Installing / configuring DRBL with Clonezilla Server - Atomic 3.0

    our image was a syspreped stripped XP sp3 and cloned via PXE before first boot. I then sent it out to 4 clients as a test. 1.2gb per min which wasnt too bad (over a LIVE network with no phoneline meltdown so it must have been fine)

    Next stage is to plug the clone server into our server iSCSI switch and configure that on a separate NIC and save the images on there.

    Oddly enough I now have an exact split of 4 MS servers and 4 linux ones - ISA, WSUS AV & print server, Exchange, DC SQL & dogsbody then internet firewall/filter (squid DG), two openfilers (1x iSCSI box with 4 NICS teamed on server only switch) 1x NAS general mapping, and now a clone server.
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