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*nix Thread, Ubuntu 10 headless PC won't boot in Technical; Our Ubuntu 10 FOG server will not boot fully unless a monitor is attached, so we can't remote in etc ...
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    Ubuntu 10 headless PC won't boot

    Our Ubuntu 10 FOG server will not boot fully unless a monitor is attached, so we can't remote in etc

    Any ideas on how to resolve this?


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    Have you tried using a converter Startech DVI To VGA Adapter F/M - Ebuyer or http://www.ebuyer.com/product/57627 I have to use one on my second card to enable seti to pick it up!


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    Quote Originally Posted by googlemad View Post
    will not boot fully
    Do you know how far it gets?

    I had to change something in the bios settings for mine to boot headless.

    Once it's past that initial stage Ubuntu Server edition is designed to run headless so I don't understand why it would need a monitor.

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