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*nix Thread, FOG with Fedora 12 in Technical; I just finished configuring my FOG server and need to configure my DHCP server which is a Mac running OS ...
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    FOG with Fedora 12

    I just finished configuring my FOG server and need to configure my DHCP server which is a Mac running OS x ver 10.5.8. I found instructions for setting up Windows and Linux DHCP servers for FOG, but not Mac. I thought maybe the Linux and Mac instructions would be close, but when I tried them it failed. Basically the instructions were to edit the dhcpd.conf file, but I don't see it on the server.

    I don't want to use the FOG server as a DHCP server, but the clients that PXE boot to the network will need to be able to find the FOG server, which is where the configuring of the Mac comes in. Has anyone else tried this or have any ideas for me?


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    id assume that mac os uses the same dhcpd as linux, so the instructions should be the same.

    If there is a gui you need to set the PXE Boot Server to the IP of your fog machine and the PXE Boot File to "pxelinux.0"

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    From what I can gleen from Google, the Mac dhcp server isn't ISC DHCPD. If you want to do PXE booting using a OSX based Mac then you should grab the ISC DHCPD source and compile it yourself! :P

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