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Version 0.28

Release date: September 28th, 2009

*Updated Kernel to version
*Fixed issue with multicasting a mutli-part image for windows 7
*Added ajax based active task listing
*Added nombr kernel option which will not blow away mbr (Thanks Line Noise)
*If storage node MAX_CLIENTS is set to 0, it is no longer a random candidate.
*Updated syslinux to version 3.82
*Added client information to pxe menu.
*Installation script checks if it is being run as root.
*Fixed tftp installation to NOT overwrite customizations.
*Fixed HD information on hardware info page (2857507).
*Added ability to add custom PXE menu items.
*Decreased loading time for login page.
*Fixed typo in tasks.advanced.include.php
*Replaced append argument "quiet" with loglevel=4
*Added Hidden Menu option to PXE Menu builder
*Added primary group to host quick info section. (Thanks sam wilson)