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*nix Thread, [Arch] Run a command on the host in Technical; I have an Arch Server and it doesnt have X etc... (the way it needs to be) but im starting ...
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    [Arch] Run a command on the host

    I have an Arch Server and it doesnt have X etc... (the way it needs to be) but im starting to write something where using a gui editor on my machine would be better than VIM.

    Is it possible to have it so that when i type "scite file.ext" on my server it opens in in scite on the host machine?

    it would probabbly have to be an alias in my .bashrcbut i dont think i can pass commands back to the host.

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    Remote X Apps mini-HOWTO

    If your client PC is running Windows, you will need to install an X server, such as Xming.


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