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I've been on ubuntu forums and it seems I can coax higher screen resolutions out of ubuntu if open an archaic text editor and type what seems to be gibberish for the next 15 eons, (They also said I had to do the same for a mouse that does not work properly with ubuntu hh) No No No No No, I do not want to have to type thousand of lines of text just to get a basic stuff to work with ubuntu, I just want them to work.
If you're not prepared to learn how and why it works and make the effort to try it, then you're not going to get very far, are you? My sympathy is limited.

The Ubuntu techs have got it so wrong, I will NOT sit in front of a text editor for hours on end fixing their screw ups, if something does not work with microsoft they chuck a few dollars at the prob and issue a patch simple.
You're referring to the X server, which has been administered by text configuration files for the last thirty years. Graphical tools just manipulate it.

You're unusual in my experience to have had such a bad experience with ubuntu. They put a lot of time and effort into making sure it goes well. But at the end of the day, they are mostly volunteers and they have limited time to work on packages. Like me, they're also not too keen on people who aren't prepared to try.

I forgot to tell you lot of the time I ran the updates that Ubuntu said needing installing, the install finished, my server rebooted, I logged in and displayed in front of me was a completely different desktop layout/colour, different Icons, and different start menu, how mad is that, crazy, crazy & weird!! would that happen with Win 3.1 No, Win95 No, Win 2k No, XP No, Vista No, not even Win ME would through a wobbler like that.
Well, did you bother to read about what it was going to do before you hit the button? You probably got caught up in the transition to a new major version of Gnome, but it would have warned you first.

If every I dip my toes in to test the linux waters they keep get badly bitten and mauled by bugs I'm hardly likely to stay with or recommend the system am I.
Then stick with stable releases only, and you won't get yourself mauled.