Ive read through a good many posts on this forum and others but im afraid i must just be missing something!

Im trying to get Squid 2.7 setup to use a ISA 2006 Parent using pass through NTLM authentication. From what ive read i *think* this is possible, although ive seen a good few conflicting posts so im not really 100% certain any more.

Can someone please clarify if this is possible, and if so how i go about configuring Squid. Im using Squid 2.7 running on Windows Server 2003 (my Network Manager would prefer it running on Windows, ive not yet managed to convince him to use anything else!) and ISA 2006. I did get it to work for about half an hour, but i could only use it on the Squid server itself on any other PC i got a password prompt but then i did something and broke it again!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.