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*nix Thread, Blocking keywords/phrases in squid in Technical; Hello I'm trying to get squid/Squidguard to block sites and searches based on keywords and/or phrases. Up to now i've ...
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    Blocking keywords/phrases in squid

    I'm trying to get squid/Squidguard to block sites and searches based on keywords and/or phrases. Up to now i've been putting full sites into Squidguard's lbl file and this has worked fine but i'm thinking it might be better to try and do some blocking based on keywords.

    If i add single words to the block.url file in /etc/squid then they are blocked fine but it won't work when i try and put in several words (from a google search).
    'bloons' = blocked
    'bloons+game' = not blocked
    'bloons game' = blocked

    How can i get it to block things which have special characters in?
    Any advice would be appreciated

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    Easiest thing todo is use something like webmin, and install the squidguard plugin module, from there you get a GUI of sorts to block works including help files within the module

    Webmin && niemueller.de - webmin modules - SquidGuard Configuration

    I use DG so not familiar with SG, however same principles, DG has better regex's for controlling banned words.

    <proxy> is blanket block, where <proxy > isnt. Attached is a txt file with the configuration we use, which in turn DG took from SG
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    Blocking sexy site throug key words

    how many keywords that i block sex or porn site through our acl in squid. pl help.

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