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*nix Thread, 2nd HDD - FreeNAS in Technical; So I've been running FreeNAS for a few months now as a HDD backup but it has come to the ...
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    2nd HDD - FreeNAS

    So I've been running FreeNAS for a few months now as a HDD backup but it has come to the time where I'm reaching the quota.

    Time to add a new HDD. So I did, and I formatted it using UFS in FreeNAS and then when I come to mount it I get this error (attached).

    They are both 80gb HDD and I'm not bothered about RAID - I just want to add it as standard. The HDD has worked in other machines and is on it's own IDE channel as a master (ad2p1 is the newly added HDD).

    ad0s2 is the one that holds the FreeNAS software and a data partition on it's own channel as master.

    Can anybody give me any advice? I've read the manual and followed it by the word to no avail.


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    This shouldn't happen, so could you take me through the exact steps you have taken until now and lets see if your made an error somewhere.

    Also can you look in the logs and diagnostic pages and report any error associated with he disk.


    Gary Sims

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    Just about to order your book Mr Sims....

    Been using Freenas since it first came out.......

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